Patients now have the ability to access our patient portal. The portal is a secure way to communicate with us from your computer. You can request appointments, medication refills, immunization records, lab results and you can send us a message!  To obtain your private access code, contact our office and it can be mailed to you. You can also stop in and obtain your access code.  We hope this provides you with an added convenience.

Preventive Care

Please schedule an appointment for you and for your family’s preventive care visits. Annual health screening visits are crucial to the prevention of chronic disease or early detection of chronic disease. Take the time to do something good for yourself.

Coverage for Well Visits:

What is included in a Physical or Preventive Care Visit:

  • The extent and focus of the services depend on the age of the patient.
  • Age and gender appropriate history and complete physical examination.
  • Counseling and guidance on reducing risk factors associated with the patient’s age and gender
    • For a toddler this may include cautions to parents about keeping potentially dangerous substances such as medications out of reach.
    • For an adult at age 50 it will include the risks of colon cancer and the need for screening by a colonoscopy.
    • For a child, the counseling could include wearing bike helmets.

What is not included during a Physical or Preventive Care Visit:

  • Immunizations and the administration of immunizations.
  • Vision or hearing tests
  • Labs of any kind
  • Problems, abnormalities, or preexisting problems that are addressed in the process of performing the physical exam which are significant enough to require the provider to perform the key components of a problem oriented service will be billed separately.
    • key components of a problem oriented service:
      • History
      • Examination
      • Medical Decision Making

Check with your insurance plan to see if you have coverage for preventive care.

If you do not have coverage, we are members of the Cancer Services Program which provides coverage for patients in certain age groups. Please call 1-866-442-2262 to see if you qualify.

We also offer discounted fees for patients without coverage. Please inquire at the front desk.