Get Your Flu Shot!

Fall is upon us already. Weather wise we are off to a good start. After those hot days of summer, it is a relief to enjoy sunny days that are not so oppressive. So, we’re back to school and all of the exciting fall sports and activities that the new school year brings. Our apple harvest should be great this year and we can enjoy the local bounty. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away?! Fortunately, preventive care keeps us in touch with our patients.

Back to school time is exciting, but can sometimes lead to more colds and infections for our children. Remind them often to wash their hands. Even in our office, hand washing is one of our most important tools in infection control. Another important tool in our arsenal against preventable disease is immunization. Contact us to find out if you or your child’s vaccination status is up to date.

Flu shots are in stock and we are booking flu clinics now. Primary Care settings are the best place to obtain immunizations. Recommendations and protocols for vaccines are closely supervised by our physicians and our nurses bring years of experience in vaccine administration to make sure you receive the right vaccines at the right time. As an added feature, your medical record is kept up to date when you receive your vaccines at our office.

We hope to see you and your family soon!

The Physicians and Staff of JPC