Patient Policy

Many insurance plans have high deductibles and we will attempt to verify your insurance eligibility and coverage before your visit as often as we can.

We expect full payment of any patient responsibility amounts at the time of each service. Our goal is to keep health care costs down by minimizing the number of statements that we must generate and mail.

Another goal for this policy is that the amount of patient responsibility for our fees is known by each patient. Rest assured that we will bill your insurance plan so that the claim can be processed and applied towards your deductible by the Insurance Company.

Beginning in 2017, if you do not pay at least $20 on the date of service or if your account is not paid in full within 30 days of the date of service, a $5.00 billing fee will be added to your account for each date of service. If you are not prepared to pay on a particular date of service, the $5.00 fee can be avoided by paying online or in person within 10 days.

We offer two ways to pay via our website, www. The patient portal takes you directly to your account and allows you the option to opt out of paper statements. If you are not on our patient portal, simply click on Online Bill Pay and fill out the information.

We offer a sliding fee scale to patients who are unable to pay. Jamestown Primary Care will not deny essential medical services to patients because of an inability to pay. Discounts are available based upon family size and income. We offer a sliding fee scale based upon Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Please contact the billing office if you have any questions. We value your input.


Kathleen Stanton